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Jessner Medi Control Peel

Salicylicpeel JS (Jessner Peel) is a classic combined median peel, whose activity is determined by its constituent ingredients: lactic and salicylic acids, resorcinol.

Jessner Medi Control Peel is great for:

  1. Aging skin

  2. Fine wrinkles (“pouch”)

  3. Seborrhoea

  4. Impaired microrelief of the skin

  5. Hyperpigmentation

  6. Solar and senile lentigo

  7. Actinic hyperkeratosis

  8. Acne

Jessner Medi Control Peel

99 Madison Ave, Suite 413A, New York, NY 10016

Note: Please go to 4 floor waiting area, you will be greeted there and taken to your appointment.